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Entry #3

Conspiracy Theories.

2010-03-16 17:50:55 by UberToastMan666

"And thus, the Russians made it to space. What nobody really knows, is that it was they who made it to the moon first, not us. The reason we never found out, is that they were destroyed by reptilian xenophobes for attempting to broadcast this message: 'Nope, no God up here.' It was not until later that it was discovered that the Russians actually made it to the moon. They were found by the Americans who later landed, and were completely obliterated so that the U.S.A. could claim that they made it to the moon first."

In conclusion, the US did, in fact, make it to the moon. Also, this is how cookies were invented.

Conspiracy Theories.


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2010-05-21 01:53:39


UberToastMan666 responds:

blowin your mind, huh? yeah, i know, it's difficult to comprehend....i might be on an acid tripp....


2010-06-27 19:22:13

The mighty cookie conquers all!

UberToastMan666 responds:

oatmeal rasin, or chocolate chip?